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Financial Planning for Business Owners

As a business owner, you have fantastic options available to…

Inheritance Tax Planning

Passing down assets upon death is a quagmire for wealthy…

Saving & Lump Sum Investment

In relation to regular savings, we always recommend that you…

Mortgage Protection

Before drawing down your mortgage, your bank will insist…

Life Insurance

If you die, is your family financially protected?

Income protection

If you are unable to earn an income, as an employee you...

Pension Calculator

This retirement calculator is designed to provide you...


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About Mark Cahill Financial Services

Established in July 2010, Mark Cahill Financial Services is an independent brokerage, offering financial advice to meet the needs of businesses, families and individuals.

Pension, Investment, Life Insurance, Mortgage

The ethos of Mark Cahill Financial Services is to provide each client 100% commitment on an ongoing, pro-active basis which ensures you are always being rewarded with leading qaulity advice from a reliable and timely source.


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I’ve consulted many financial advisors in the past and since meeting Mark Cahill, I’ve continued to seek advice from him because not only have I found him to be honest and sincere, Mark also has a very natural way of explaining complicated matters in a simple and easy to understand way. For those reasons, I’ve suggested his services to my network of business colleagues and wish Mark every success.
Robert Ryan MD, Paper Solutions Ltd.
Since starting out on my own as a contractor in 2007 Mark Cahill has advised on and looked after all my pension and investment needs. I have always found Mark to be hands on and proactive in managing my investment through these most difficult financial times in modern history. His service is excellent and he is always quick to respond to my queries, I have no hesitation in recomending him for all your financial needs.
Tom Mac RoryProject Manager, Geelan Engineering Ltd.
Mark is a man who draws on sound knowledge and experience in the financial services industry. He has a personal quality which cannot easily be replicated. He is a man who has a genuine and personal interest in ensuring his customers financial needs are covered whilst their expectations are exceeded in the service he provides. Mark is second to none where good financial advice and support is required.
As a person, I find Mark to be 100% trustworthy and to be very much a people person who enjoys and interacts well with his peers. His attention to detail is exceptional and I was always very impressed at which speed he delivers his service as a broker. He is an honest individual whom I’ve taken advice from in the past and I most definitely will do so in the future as he ventures into his newer capacity as a sole trader of high integrity. I have recommended Mark to friends and business associates because I feel confident that they will receive the same level of good service that I have enjoyed.My feeling is Marks likeability and professionalism will help him become a complete success in his newly chosen path and I wish him every success as I know he’s a hard worker who knows how to look after his customers properly.
Paul CliffordDirector-Medguard Ltd
It is so hard to find real genuine quality advice these days, that is why I was so happy to meet with Mr. Cahill and receive clear and concise financial planning to help me feel more secure about my future.
Gary MurphyDirector-General Chemicals Ltd


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