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A native of Dublin (Artane & Sutton, now living and operating as a financial advisor in Kinsealy), Mark Cahill set up Mark Cahill Financial Services in July 2010. Mark Cahill Financial Services operated as a sole tradership for 10 years and incorporated into Mark Cahill Financial Services Limited in July 2020.

Mark Cahill's Background

Mark’s background in financial services began in 2005, working as a Personal Financial Planner with Irish Life in its Santry office. Mark also worked as a Senior Financial Consultant for Paul McKay Assurance in Malahide for 3 years too.

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Mark Cahill's Education

Mark completed an Honours Degree Programme in Accounting & Finance at Portobello College Dublin (BA) in 1996.

This exposure to the accounting landscape provides Mark with a deep understanding of how accountants can add value to their clients by recommending that they speak to a financial broker about specific financial services products.

Mark is also a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA), Pension Trustee Practitioner (PTP), Retirement Planning Advisor (RPA) and Specialist Investment Advisor (SIA).

An eternal student, Mark has a special interest in all taxation heads and relishes blending continuous professional development with his day to day activities of providing ethical and sound financial planning advice to his clients.

Mark has contributed to the industry by writing for Brokers Ireland

About Our Clients

Mark’s clients vary from family units, who may be interested in financial protection, mortgage, saving and investment advice to the small business owner who may be interested in complex business exit strategies which may combine Retirement Relief, Revised Entrepreneurial Relief and Tax Efficient Company Pension Planning.

Pension Property Purchase via unit trusts is an area Mark has a special interest in.

Meeting with Clients and Core Values

Mark believes that trust is important when dealing with a financial specialist and Mark’s preference is face-to-face meetings, which provides a better client-advisor connection. However, since covid, a lot of time can be saved with online meetings via Zoom and Microsoft teams.

As the client is of highest importance, Mark is happy to provide face-to-face or on-site presentations where required and feels this is highly valuable, particularly for initial/first meetings.

Another one of Mark’s core values is “responsive service”.

Mark believes that aiming for 24 hour response time wherever possible is important and while he checks his emails regularly, he deems being available directly via phone is a value added service in a world which is moving rapidly into automation only. As someone who prefers talking to a human, Mark is always open to talking on the phone or in person.

Mark Cahill is a member of The Life Insurance Association of Ireland (LIA) and Brokers Ireland, formerly Professional Insurers Brokers Association (PIBA) and The Institute of Taxation.

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