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Sole Traders…. Pension Planning lowers your tax bill!!

With the upturn in the economy, its good to see businesses turning profits which gives sole traders and business owners the confidence to start looking at “Pension Planning” again. **October 31st is the deadline for sole traders to write off tax by using a pension vehicle!!** What is a pension? In lay man’s terms, its merely a savings plan with tax relief. How does tax relief work for a sole trader? In a nutshell, a
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Have you pension benefits & were made redundant/moved employment??

If you have a pension and were either a. Made Redundant b. Moving Employment, this is an attractive option… What is a retirement bond? A retirement bond lets you take your pension entitlement with you when changing job without having to transfer to your new employer’s pension scheme…. This is also a viable option if you were made redundant and you want to take control of your pension benefits. Retir
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Partnership/Shareholder Protection: Are you a co-director/partner in a business?

If yes, are you protected in the event of death or serious illness of another business owner? If No, why not install a suitable business protection strategy for your business which will enable you to… **Buy the shareholding from your deceased partners spouse while maintaining full control of the business.** This is a very important piece of business financial planning in that… a. Not many spouses want to
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Risk Benefits: Because staff are worth it!!

There are 2 important areas where a company can provide valuable risk benefits for their staff…. 1. Death in Service/Life Cover… What happens if a staff member dies while in employment? How can an employer assist with funeral costs/salary replacement for the deceased’s family? A group scheme can be put in place which will provide the next of kin of staff members covered with a multiple of salary, ie 2/3/4 times
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