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Financial Planning for Business Owners

cta-img1As a business owner, you have fantastic options available to you in relation to tax efficient financial planning…

The following 3 areas are important to most business owners (and can be paid for TAX EFFICIENTLY!!)

  • LIFE COVERIf you die early
  • INCOME PROTECTIONIf you become ill while working
  • PENSIONWhen you stop working

What about money in your business sitting in a low yielding deposit account AND paying high growth tax!!

Talk to us about the benefits of a CORPORATE INVESTMENT BOND


Have you ever considered what happens to the shares in the business if one of the owners suffers an untimely death?

Speak to us also about SHAREHOLDER PROTECTION


What would happen to your business profits one of your key members of staff (director or employee) suffers an untimely death or serious illness?

Speak to us about KEYMAN PROTECTION


For further information about Financial Planning for Business Owners…
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